Deadpool’s Gone Viral, Again

If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet over the past few months chances are you’ve run into this guy! It’s been almost impossible to miss him!


For those of you who don’t know, this comic book character is Deadpool and is about to take on the theaters in a standalone film this weekend. So what has made this face known around the world? A brilliant marriage between marketing, social media, and Ryan Reynolds. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie that has a nearly perfect rollout of content going viral weekly. The main goal facing the marketing team seemed to be selling the idea that this superhero movie is not for children.

Check out the first promotional “Interview” they released!

From the first released video, they clearly communicated the tone and nature of the movie even without showing any actual footage. The wheels started turning and from there they were creating content monthly, then weekly, and now daily. Spread out across twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and tv spots, the content has all been released from the characters point of view. The crucial element that I believe has made it so successful is the star of the film, Ryan Reynolds.

Traditionally the films marketing team will release trailers and clips to hype up a films release. More and more clips are released closer to the date the film comes out. At that point the stars of the film will make the rounds on a press tour, stopping on talk shows and radio to pitch the film. It often feels like two separate entity’s working toward the same goal, sell the movie. The thing that differs with Deadpool is that Ryan has been promoting this film every step of the way. Instead of just doing interviews he has been actively involved with marketing. He’s filmed countless viral videos that feature the character commenting on things from testicular cancer to current event like the Super Bowl. He joined Instagram less than a year ago and has been posting picture almost solely about the film. The twitter account for the film has been making and sharing memes of all the current events. The masterpiece of this campaign has been their holiday stunt #12daysofdeadpool. Everyday leading up to Christmas a different news site released a new clip or picture relating to the film. This generated lots of talk about the movie all-leading up to a new trailer released on the 25th.

Due to the success of superhero films of the last decade, audiences have come to expect to see many of the same tropes played out. They expect action and violence but not so much that it’s rated R. The superhero genre is thought of as a sure fire way to win the younger children demographic. However many of the comics that these films are based off of are very graphic and filled with dark humor. This character is a crude, violent, and extremely humorous person who walks the line between moral and immoral. For a character that not many people knew about, this campaign has certainly been a successes. I mean even my grandma knows about the movie. I’m not even joking she down from the New Jersey, escaping the winter, and she told my family she want to go see it!


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