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When I first started this blog I had no previous experience with word press and a very limited knowledge of the inner workings of social media. It’s an extremely daunting task for a beginner with many elements that aren’t thought about in the casual use of social networks. But much like anything, practice makes perfect and in the case with this blog, it made that initial fear lessen. I found that the more I wrote for this blog the easier it became.

An Honest Evaluation

Looking over the stats pages provided by the word press site, I definitely could have done more to increase the reach and influence of this blog. In total this blog reached 13 unique visitors over the course of the semester. Moving forward, if I were to continue this blog and increase it’s performance, there would definitely be key steps and measurements I would need to take into consideration.

The first being engagement. This is often the first word that comes to mind when thinking about how to measure social media efforts and becomes a term that is used without much thought. Engagement is accounting for all the total interactions with in a site, for example, likes, comments and retweets. This may not be the most useful measurement for a well-established blogger or a major company, but for a blog just getting its start, engagement can be very useful. Engagement becomes even more useful when you look past just the surface level. After viewing the totals numbers, look more closely into the likes, shares, and comments to really see whether the engagement is positive or negative.

Another step that I could use to further the success of this blog would be to share blog posts across all of my social media. With each new blog post I could share them across twitter and Facebook. After sharing, I could take full advantage of measuring Referral traffic, or in other words, how many people are clicking through from my social media site. After accessing the measurement I could determine where my efforts are better spent when promoting future blog posts. For instance, I may find that more people click through on Facebook vs twitter. Or perhaps I find that video blogs posted to YouTube are more useful in bringing visitors to the blog. Over time hopeful total positive engagement will increase and along with referral traffic which will lead to a more successful blog. With a steady increase it might also be beneficial to measure audience growth from week to week to be sure there is a steady flow of new visitors who are being reached.

Many of these metrics can be very numbers based, but for a small blog just starting out it can be very useful in making sure to reach new goals. Once the wheels turn and a blog starts to gain momentum it is important to shift from strictly numbers to more sentiment measurements. Constantly make sure that behind the numbers are positive interactions that are fueling the arrival of new visitors. When dealing with just the numbers the bigger picture of your social impression gets lost.


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