Hey there! Welcome to the about page and get ready to learn everything you never knew about me!

My name is Adam Froehlich and I’m a student studying Advertising and Public relations at UCF! I’ve always been the type that was unsure of which path to take in life. When I entered college it only got worse. I would stress about majors and finding a direction to go. In a ocean of options and a sea of faces I felt a little lost. It wasn’t until I realized that the only direction that I need to go was forward. I found advertising and public relations, which has led me to a place that I can explore many paths at once! Remain optimistic and always move forward!

I enjoy writing and preforming music, playing guitar, theater, road tripping, and finding new local eats. Although there are many options I’ve got my eye on, post graduation, I’d really love to work with small businesses helping promote and advertise with in their communities. There’s nothing greater than a local business that finds time to connect with their audience and engage within the community.

Connect with me on twitter @AdamAfro12 or on Instagram Adam_Froehlich

You can also email me directly at adam.froehlich@knights.ucf.edu


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